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08/11/2019 Drugstores: Healthy Tenants, But Maybe A Little Nauseous Bisnow
08/08/2019 Credit Ratings Are Still Credit Ratings Bloomberg
07/24/2019 Securitization charts new path in collecting music licensing fees Asset Securitization Report
07/23/2019 New legislation lays foundation for New York as PACE capital GlobalCapital
07/16/2019 Invictus returns with $368.9M investor-property RMBS Asset Securitization Report
07/09/2019 Morningstar CEO Says Its Inevitable Passive Will Pass Active Funds Soon BNN Bloomberg
07/09/2019 After DBRS acquisition, Morningstar CEO looking at green bonds as growth area BNN Bloomberg
07/02/2019 Morningstar names credit ratings head after DBRS acquisition, stresses Canada The Globe and Mail
07/02/2019 Morningstar Names Detlef Scholz President of Expanded Credit Ratings Organization Yahoo! Finance
06/20/2019 Industrial properties highlight $792M Goldman CMBS transaction National Mortgage News
06/17/2019 What Investors Need to Know DS News
06/13/2019 Flight Risk? CMBS Investors, Landlords Face Financial Risk As Tenants Flee To New Office Buildings Bisnow
06/12/2019 Morningstar CMBS Ratings Chief Kurt Pollem Talks Securitized Commercial Lending Commercial Observer
05/31/2019 Morningstar Sees Opportunity In The Credit Market Everyone Is Worried About Forbes
05/31/2019 Morningstars Big Move in Credit Ratings Barely Moves Needle Bloomberg
05/29/2019 Overleverage to reduce CMBS loan payoffs in 2019: Morningstar Asset Securitization Report
05/29/2019 Morningstar takes aim at rating giants with $669m DBRS deal Financial Times
05/29/2019 Morningstar Looks to Expand Ratings Business With DBRS Deal Wall Street Journal
05/15/2019 Goldman Sachs, Barclays Deliver $650M CMBS Refi on Hawaii Four Seasons Resort Commercial Observer
05/09/2019 Blackstone financing bioscience properties in $628M securitization Asset Securitization Report
05/07/2019 Afraid of Brick-And-Mortar Retail? Dont Be. Some Diamonds Are Sitting In The Rough Bisnow
04/30/2019 SEC enforcers swoop on CLO combo notes GlobalCapital
04/29/2019 Washington, D.C. , Office That Backed $155Mln CMBS Loan Might Be Worth Only $110.4Mln Commercial Real Estate Direct
04/11/2019 Arch's next credit risk transfer deal has lower attachment point Asset Securitization Report
04/09/2019 Drop in Cash Flow Puts CMBS Loan on Hudson, Delano Hotels at Risk Commercial Real Estate Direct
04/01/2019 In 1st deal as Eldridge affiliate, Maranon refis middle market CLO Asset Securitization Report
03/28/2019 The Rising Prominence of CRE CLOs Commercial Property Executive
03/26/2019 PACE Funding sticking to private placements, at least for now Asset Securitiization Report
03/24/2019 2018 saw demise of several stores, while one boutique flourished The Herald Bulletin
03/21/2019 Invictus gets easier AAA from Morningstar on next biz loan RMBS Asset Securitization Report
03/13/2019 Morningstar to Begin Rating CRE CLOs Connect Media
03/12/2019 CRE CLOs gain a fifth credit rating agency: Morningstar Asset Securitization Report
03/06/2019 CLO Managers issuing shorter deals to lower funding costs Asset Securitization Report
03/01/2019 Buyers Gorge on REIT-Bond Issuing Spree Commercial Mortgage Alert
02/28/2019 Life After Amazon HQ2 Rejection Real Estate Growth In Charlotte, Houston And Salt Lake City Forbes
02/24/2019 How did Collin Creek Mall die? Its an obit being written across suburban America Dallas News
02/22/2019 The Cutting Edge of Property Valuations DS News
02/15/2019 Spotlight on Single-Borrower Performance DS News
02/01/2019 Houston's One City Centre Faces Headache as Waste Management's Exit Nears Commercial Real Estate Direct
01/08/2019 The RMBS Outlook The MReport
12/14/2018 Morningstar Analysts Optimistic About Marketplace Lending ABS in 2019 Despite Some Uncertainties Inside Mortgage Finance
12/04/2018 Malls Ousted from CMBS Conduits as Retail Sector Labors Commercial Observer
11/27/2018 Evolving Office-Supply Retailers Strategies Could Jam CMBS Connect Media
11/16/2018 Radian Secures $455m of Credit Risk Protection from Capital Markets Reinsurance News
11/08/2018 More Perspective on the Housing Market Shift Realty Biz News
11/06/2018 Alden Global Is Building a Tower of Companies It Can Cut Down Bloomberg
10/22/2018 Morningstar Hires New CMBS Head Commercial Observer
10/19/2018 Blackstone Pulls In $3B of CMBS Debt to Finance Industrial Portfolio Commercial Observer
10/18/2018 As Fed to Oaktree Fret Risks, Leveraged Loans Hit New Milestone Bloomberg
10/10/2018 Hurricane Michael Makes Landfall As Category 4 With Billions Of Dollars In Commercial Property In Its Path Bisnow
10/05/2018 Caveat Emptor: High-Yielding Mall REITs Forbes
10/01/2018 The Faultlines in Retail Real Estate Retail Dive
10/01/2018 Barclays Finances Blackstone Hotel Portfolio With $257 Million in CMBS Debt Commercial Observer
09/28/2018 CMBS Delinquencies Hit A New Low Scotsman Guide
09/20/2018 Hurricane Florence Damage Toll Could Include Nearly $1.5B Of Mortgages The Real Deal
08/29/2018 Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo Originate $530M CMBS Loan on National TPG Office Portfolio Commercial Observer
07/10/2018 CMBS Delinquencies Low, But Ailing Retailers Could Present Trouble Bisnow
07/06/2018 Ratings Reviewed Under New Criteria Commercial Mortgage Alert
07/06/2018 CMBS Performance At The Half-Year Mark
06/29/2018 Investors Challenged To Turn Class-B and -C Malls Around, Impacting Value Of Others Commercial Real Estate Direct
06/22/2018 Morningstar Predicts 'Minimal Disruption' for the Transition Away from LIBOR in Commercial MBS Inside Mortgage Finance
06/21/2018 Debt Extension Isn't Likely To Save Sears, Experts Say National Real Estate Investor
06/13/2018 Morningstar Credit Ratings Highlights Trends and Risks In The CLO Market Asset Securitization Report
06/08/2018 Precious Metals Dealer A-Mark Taps Securitization To Boost Margin Lending Asset Securitization Report
05/28/2018 Apartment Rentals Are Evolving To High Levels Realty Biz News
05/18/2018 Traditional Grocery Stores Can Benefit From Growing E-Commerce Commercial Observer
05/18/2018 REIT Fundamentals Improving Morningstar, Inc.
05/08/2018 Morningstar National Rental Market April Monthly Summary Realty Biz News
05/02/2018 All Hail Ye Mighty Grocery Store Commercial Observer
04/26/2018 Sears' Remaining Stores May Not Garner Much Demand, As Retailer Faces New Struggles National Real Estate Investor
04/16/2018 Chicago's 175 West Jackson Sees Appraised Value Slashed Commercial Real Estate Direct
04/12/2018 2012-Vintage CMBS Mall Loans Holding Up With Few Defaults National Real Estate Investor
04/06/2018 Morningstar Withdraws Unsolicited Ratings on CMBS, Citing Lack of Interest From Investors Inside Mortgage Finance
04/04/2018 Mall Loans Remain Stable Despite Retail Struggles Scotsman Guide
03/23/2018 Morningstar Slices Up CMBS Criteria Commercial Mortgage Alert
03/12/2018 Pennsylvania Mall Sees More Tenant Departures; Loan Moves To Special Servicer Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/12/2018 Large CMBS Loan Against Chicago Office Moves To Special Servicing Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/12/2018 Another Private Mortgage Insurer Taps Capital Markets For Reinsurance Asset Securitization Report
03/09/2018 Torchlight Offers Up Brewster, N.Y., Retail Center To Resolve CMBS Loan Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/07/2018 Rental Vacancies Down, But Houston Rate Still Running High DS News
02/16/2018 Brian Grow Named President of Morningstar Credit Ratings Commercial Observer
02/15/2018 How Much Pain Will The Bon-Ton Bankruptcy Cause For The Mall Sector? National Real Estate Investor
02/13/2018 Brian Grow Named President of Morningstar Credit Ratings Commercial Real Estate Direct
02/12/2018 Tax Law Cuts Into PACE Loan Demand Mortgage Daily
02/08/2018 CMBS Special Servicing Volume Drops Again In January Commercial Real Estate Direct
02/08/2018 High Street Retail Continues To Battle Vacancies, Falling Rents National Real Estate Investor
02/07/2018 Bon-Ton's Bankruptcy Threatens $171M In CMBS, Worsens Troubled Malls' Plight Commercial Observer
01/29/2018 Morningstar Downgrades 1 Class of 2014 CMBS Conduit Deal Commercial Real Estate Direct
01/18/2018 CMBS Special Servicing, Delinquency Volumes Drop in 2017; Further Drops Expected Commercial Real Estate Direct
01/12/2018 Sears Closings Expose Millions In CMBS Loans Scotsman Guide
01/04/2018 Single-Family Rental Lease Retention Strengthens as Rents Rise DS News
01/03/2018 Office REITs Plan to Focus on Development in 2018, and Stay Away from Acquisitions National Real Estate Investor
12/13/2017 This Structured Settlement ABS Comes With Unusual Risk: Mortality Asset Securitization Report
12/13/2017 Why Is Unibail-Rodamco Buying Westfield? National Real Estate Investor
12/13/2017 News On The Single-Family Rental Market Realty Biz News
12/08/2017 Chicago Office-Suburbs' Losses Are Downtown's Gains Commercial Observer
12/08/2017 ABS Backed by Annuities and Life-Contingent Structured Settlements Earns AAA Rating Inside Mortgage Finance
12/07/2017 Struggling Regional Malls Reposition as Retail CMBS Space Sweats Commercial Observer
11/16/2017 CMBS Momentum Persists Into Q4, Brookfield-GGP Deal Could Benefit The Market Bisnow
11/02/2017 The Amazon Effect: Warehouses Become Prime Target For CMBS Commercial Observer
10/19/2017 Morningstar's Lea Overby on the ABCs of CMBS Commercial Observer
10/19/2017 Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC President Vickie Tillman to Retire by Year-End Morningstar, Inc.
10/18/2017 Arch Continues Re-Insurance Transactions Started by UG; New Issuance The First To Receive A Rating Inside Mortgage Finance
10/16/2017 Citadel Receives Ratings From Morningstar; Look For A Nonprime MBS In January Inside Mortgage Finance
10/09/2017 C-PACE Lender Breaks New Ground Structured Credit Investor
10/06/2017 Average SFR Vacancy Rates Rose In August; Investor Demand For SFR Homes To Remain Strong Inside Mortgage Finance
10/05/2017 Retail REITs Insist the Business is "Solid," As Wall Street Gives Them A Thumbs Down National Real Estate Investor
10/04/2017 CMBS Delinquencies Fall To 3 Percent In August Commercial Observer
10/02/2017 CMBS Market Out Of The Woods? Delinquency Rate Drops For Third Consecutive Month Bisnow
09/27/2017 Greenworks 1st To Market With Commercial PACE Securitization Asset Securitization Report
09/15/2017 Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC Launches Ratings of REITs Morningstar, Inc.
09/06/2017 CMBS Issuance Surprises Market Bears The Real Deal
09/05/2017 Closure of Law School Puts Charlotte, N.C., Office Loan At Risk Commercial Real Estate Direct
09/04/2017 Managers Assess Harvey's Aftermath Pensions & Investments
09/01/2017 CMBS Delinquency Sinks, Industrial Leads Drop Mortgage Daily
08/31/2017 Capitalize on Opportunity With C-Pace Loans Scotsman Guide
08/30/2017 Morningstar: Hurricane Harvey Poses Elevated Risk to 1,529 Texas CMBS Properties SNL Financial
08/29/2017 After The Harvey Flood, How Many Properties Will Be Underwater? Bisnow
08/29/2017 CMBS Payoff Rates Rise In July Scotsman Guide
08/15/2017 Securitized Rentals and Vacancies Tick Upward Realty Biz News
08/04/2017 $91Mln CMBS Loan Against Houston's Two Westlake Faces Challenges Commercial Real Estate Direct
07/31/2017 Fla. Mall Backing CMBS Loan Sees Loss of 2 Anchors; Value Plunges Commercial Real Estate Direct
07/28/2017 The End Is Here For 3 Philly-Area Penneys On Monday Philadelphia Inquirer
07/22/2017 There's One Major Thing Everyone Gets Wrong About Amazon and The Retail Apocalypse Business Insider
07/17/2017 Valuing Whole Foods Stores After The $13.7B Amazon Deal Bisnow
07/06/2017 Many Non-QM Borrowers Actually Look Eligible for GSE Loans Inside Mortgage Finance
06/28/2017 With Retail Writhing, Whats The Secret Of A Successful Mall? Commercial Observer
06/28/2017 Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC Affirms Its MOR RV1 Residential Vendor Ranking for ServiceLink Morningstar, Inc.
06/28/2017 Morningstar Promotes Lea Overby As Head Of CMBS Asset Securitization Report
06/27/2017 Lea Overby Promoted To Head Of CMBS Research, Analytics At Morningstar Commercial Real Estate Direct
06/27/2017 Lea Overby Named Head of Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) Research and Analytics for Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC Morningstar, Inc.
06/14/2017 Home Partners Readies 3rd Lease-To-Own Single Family Rental ABS Asset Securitization Report
06/14/2017 Commercial Borrowers Struggle To Repay Loans Maturing In May The Real Deal
06/13/2017 CMBS Payoff Rates Fall In May Scotsman Guide
06/09/2017 Meet The Family That's Got Aby Rosen Over A Barrel At Lever House The Real Deal
06/05/2017 Wave Of Bubble-Era CMBS Maturities Is Ebbing Scotsman Guide
06/03/2017 'THIS IS A DEATH SPIRAL': The Tsunami Of Store Closures Is Doubling In Size Business Insider
06/02/2017 Morningstar Close To Ratings REITs Commercial Mortgage Alert
06/01/2017 Thor Battles Choppy Waters The Real Deal
05/30/2017 Urgent-Care Boom Bolsters Retail Strip Malls Scotsman Guide
05/28/2017 Is Retail Space Being Replaced With Healthcare? Realty Biz News
05/25/2017 Rue21 Closures Put $100M In CMBS Loans At Risk Bisnow
05/23/2017 Urgent Care Centers: The Cure For Retail Woes Or Just A Bandage? Bisnow
05/17/2017 Inside The Retail Apocalypse The Real Deal
05/16/2017 Retail: Its Not All Doom and Gloom Commercial Observer
05/15/2017 Morningstar Credit Ratings Publishes Report on Commercial Mortgage Servicing Portfolio Trends Morningstar, Inc.
05/12/2017 Wells Prioritizes Fix-and-Flip Securitizations Asset-Backed Alert
05/12/2017 The Tidal Wave Of Store Closures Is Far From Over Business Insider
05/09/2017 CMBS Issuance Modest Year-To-Date, But Might Reach $70 Billion By Year-End National Real Estate Investor
05/05/2017 SE A Popular Spot For Rental Investors DS News
05/03/2017 Susquehanna Valley Mall Might Be Worth Only $6.4Mln Commercial Real Estate Direct
05/02/2017 CMBS Loan Delinquencies Tick Up In March Scotsman Guide
04/24/2017 Morningstar Credit Ratings Announces Launch of Next Generation DealView CMBS Monitoring Service Morningstar, Inc.
04/21/2017 New York's Top Real Estate Financiers Talk CMBS, Global Capital and Non-Bank Lenders Commercial Observer
04/17/2017 Charles Citro Named Managing Director of Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) Ratings and Analytics for Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC Morningstar, Inc.
04/11/2017 Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC Assigns MOR RV1 Residential Vendor Ranking to First Associates Loan Servicing, LLC as a Consumer Finance Servicer Morningstar, Inc.
04/10/2017 Rents Climb, Vacancies Decline Realty Biz News
04/10/2017 Volume Of CMBS Loans In Special Servicing Declines Slightly In March Commercial Real Estate Direct
04/10/2017 Payless Closures To Have Limited Impact Structured Credit Investor
04/10/2017 The Retail Apocalypse Is Having A Terrifying Impact On One Corner Of Wall Street Business Insider
04/04/2017 How Much Damage Would A Sears Bankruptcy Cause? National Real Estate Investor
03/29/2017 3 Charts That Show Why Commercial Real Estate Could Be The Next 'Big Short' Business Insider
03/28/2017 Clayton Holdings Subsidiaries Receive Vendor Rankings DS News
03/27/2017 JC Penney Woes Place $885M In CMBS At Risk Commercial Observer
03/23/2017 Williams Center Seen Getting New Tenant; Loan's Default Risk Declines Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/22/2017 A Ledgewalk At Willis? Bisnow
03/20/2017 Seeing Big Vacancy, Morningstar Slashes Expected Value of Office Backing 2014 CMBS Loan Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/13/2017 Blackstone Tapping CMBS To Fund Willis Tower Renovation Asset Securitization Report
03/13/2017 The J.C. Penney Announced Closures Has A Ripple Effect Across Commercial Retail Securities Realty Biz News
03/11/2017 Morningstar: Bankruptcy Of hhgregg Makes Retail CMBS Loans Riskier The Real Deal
03/09/2017 Retailer’s Bankruptcy Raises CMBS Risk Structured Credit Investor
03/08/2017 The Shopping Mall Apocalypse Is Creating A $48 Billion Disaster On Wall Street Business Insider
03/08/2017 JC Penney Closures Put More Than $7B CMBS Loans On The Line Bisnow
03/06/2017 February Sees Biggest Increase In Special Servicing Volume Since Last June Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/01/2017 Kansas Mall Might Be Worth Less Than Balance On Its CMBS 2.0 Loan Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/01/2017 CMBS Loan Delinquencies Stay Down Scotsman Guide
02/28/2017 CMBS Delinquency Rises, More Deterioration Ahead Mortgage Daily
02/28/2017 SFIG Vegas: Look for More Triple-A Rated PACE Asset Securitization Report
02/27/2017 NAIC Extends Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC Designation to Include Financial Institutions, Brokers, or Dealers; Corporate Issuers Morningstar, Inc.
02/22/2017 MC Sports Filing Threatens CMBS Structured Credit Investor
02/17/2017 Morningstar Rates PACE Loans High Scotsman Guide
02/14/2017 Can Ocwen Reinvent Itself? Asset Securitization Report
02/13/2017 Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC Assigns MOR RV2 Residential Vendor Ranking to REALHome Services and Solutions, Inc. as a Property Manager Morningstar, Inc.
02/06/2017 Strong Liquidation Activity Prompts Drop in CMBS Special Servicing Volume Commercial Real Estate Direct
02/06/2017 Morningstar Credit Ratings Publishes Single-Family Rental Research Realty Biz News
02/03/2017 Why Malls Are Closing and How Granite Run Mall Seeks To Defy The Trend Philadelphia Inquirer
02/01/2017 Could The Lever Snap On RFR’s Crown Jewel Commercial Observer
01/31/2017 Lease Maturities Pose Heightened Risk for CMBS Loan Against Chicago Office Commercial Real Estate Direct
01/30/2017 Higher Delinquencies, Lower Payoffs Seen for CMBS
01/30/2017 CMBS Special Servicing Volume Inches Up In December Commercial Real Estate Direct
01/27/2017 Rate Rises Threaten RMBS Performance Structured Credit Investor
01/26/2017 CMBS Loan Delinquencies End Year Lower Scotsman Guide
01/26/2017 Morningstar Predicts Drop In Prepayments DS News
01/25/2017 CMBS Payoff Rates Fall In 2016 Scotsman Guide
01/13/2017 Co-working Exposure Gauged Structured Credit Investor
01/09/2017 CREFC 2017: Morningstar Analysts Talk Risk Retention, Retail and Coworking Commercial Observer
01/08/2017 Shopping Malls Continue Losing Anchor Tenants Realty Biz News
01/06/2017 Macy’s, Sears Closures Affect CMBS Structured Credit Investor
01/04/2017 What CRE Finance Will Look Like In 2017 Commercial Observer
12/30/2016 Hitting The Wall Of Maturities Scotsman Guide
12/23/2016 CMBS Loan Delinquencies Dip A Bit Scotsman Guide
12/14/2016 CMBS Suffered 3.29 Percent Losses from 1995 to 2015; RMBS, 11.23 Percent Commercial Real Estate Direct
12/13/2016 Houston Exposure Eyed Structured Credit Investor
12/12/2016 $51Mln Loan Against USDA Building In Washington, D.C., Goes To Special Servicer Commercial Real Estate Direct
12/12/2016 Commercial Office Space Still Struggling – Houston In Trouble Realty Biz News
12/08/2016 CMBS Special Servicing Volumes Declined Again In November Commercial Real Estate Direct
12/02/2016 Risk Retention To Exacerbate Maturing CMBS Defaults Mortgage Daily
12/02/2016 Risk Retention To Affect CMBS Liquidity Structured Credit Investor
12/01/2016 The SFR Rental Vacancy Rate Grows DS News
11/30/2016 Retailer’s Exposure ‘At Risk’ Structured Credit Investor
11/23/2016 Below-Prime Card Deal Prepped Structured Credit Investor
11/23/2016 Two Firsts? Subprime Credit Card ABS from Rent-a-Bank Lender Asset Securitization Report
11/22/2016 Omega Taps CMBS To Finance Portfolio Of Skilled Nursing Facilities Asset Securitization Report
11/21/2016 Performance Deteriorates On CMBS Due To Maturities Mortgage Daily
11/16/2016 Progress Refinancing Another Single Family Rental Deal Asset Securitization Report
11/15/2016 Morningstar Adds CLO Ratings To Structured Finance Menu Asset Securitization Report
11/10/2016 Morningstar Revises Forecast for Ocwen’s Ranking to Positive theMReport
11/01/2016 SFR Vacancy Rate Levels After Months of Rising theMReport
10/26/2016 Servicer Performance Scrutinised Structured Credit Investor
10/18/2016 Net Cash Flow Surging For Colony Starwood SFR ABS Asset Securitization Report
10/18/2016 ‘Dead Malls’ Resulting In Big CMBS Losses Bisnow
10/14/2016 Retail Malls Continue To Falter Across The Country Realty Biz News
10/13/2016 ACICS Hit Highlighted Structured Credit Investor
10/12/2016 Morningstar Finds 10.7 Percent Of CMBS Mall Loans In Special Servicing Or On Watchlists Commercial Real Estate Direct
10/12/2016 CMBS Loan Against Iowa Mall Gets Tagged with Appraisal Reduction Commercial Real Estate Direct
10/11/2016 Mall Performance Gauged Structured Credit Investor
10/03/2016 The Next Big Short? The Real Deal
09/30/2016 Five Below's New Phila. HQ Backs CMBS Debt Commercial Real Estate Direct
09/29/2016 SFR Vacancy Rate Rises Higher DS News
09/27/2016 CMBS Delinquency Slips, Office Loans Improve Most Mortgage Daily
09/26/2016 Monthly CMBS Payoffs Down Structured Credit Investor
09/20/2016 Bankruptcy Poses CMBS Concerns Structured Credit Investor
09/19/2016 Firms Resurrect Non-Agency RMBS Market Pensions & Investments
09/19/2016 Lenders Giving Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities A Rehab Pensions & Investments
09/09/2016 CMBS Loan Against Va. Mixed-Use Property Gets Fully Paid Off Commercial Real Estate Direct
09/08/2016 Flooding Raises CMBS Fears Structured Credit Investor
09/05/2016 Colleges Take A Financial Hit Realty Biz News
08/31/2016 Summer Lease Expirations Push SFR Vacancy Rate Up DS News
08/30/2016 Morningstar To Rate Corporate Debt Treasury & Risk
08/29/2016 Morningstar Eyes Ratings Push After Getting SEC Approval Reuters IFR
08/29/2016 Morningstar Gets Green Light To Proffer Ratings For Corporate Issuers, Financial Institutions Commercial Real Estate Direct
08/29/2016 Morningstar Unit Gets SEC Nod To Rate Companies, Financial Institutions SNL Financial
08/29/2016 Morningstar Wins Approval To Rate Corporates, Financials Bloomberg
08/29/2016 Morningstar Receives SEC Approval To Rate Financials And Corporates Bisnow
08/29/2016 Morningstar Credit Ratings, LLC Now Registered to Rate Corporate Issuers and Financial Institutions Morningstar, Inc.
08/26/2016 Macy’s Closures Could Put 28 Shopping Centers Backed By $3.64B In CMBS Loans At Risk Bisnow
08/23/2016 Pittsburgh-Area Mall Sees Sharp Drop In Appraised Value Commercial Real Estate Direct
08/21/2016 Commercial Real Estate Increases Realty Biz News
08/18/2016 Report:These Macy’s Stores Most At Risk For Closure Triangle Business Journal
08/18/2016 Morningstar: Macy’s Store Closures Threaten $3.64 Billion in CMBS Commercial Observer
08/17/2016 Macy’s Pullback Imperils $30 Billion Of Debt, Morningstar Says Houston Chronicle
08/17/2016 Macy’s Pullback Imperils $30 Billion Of Debt, Morningstar Says Bloomberg
08/12/2016 Roll For Private MI Seen In Non-Agency MBS Inside Mortgage Finance
08/10/2016 CMBS Loan Payoff Rates Tumble In June Scotsman Guide
08/08/2016 Plummeting Homeownership Rate Good News For Investors In Single-Family Homes National Real Estate Investor
08/01/2016 The Rental Market Remains Strong In 2016 Realty Biz News
07/28/2016 Single-Family Rents Rising Structured Credit Investor
07/26/2016 Suburban Chicago AT&T Campus Might Be Worth Only $49Mln Commercial Real Estate Direct
07/25/2016 TRID Issues To Require Due Diligence Reviews In MBS Inside Mortgage Finance
07/21/2016 Phoenix’ Collier Center Seen Having Difficulty Refinancing at Maturity Commercial Real Estate Direct
07/21/2016 Non-Traditional Loans Are Increasing But Still Difficult To Obtain Realty Biz News
07/21/2016 Ralph Lauren Exposure Gauged Structured Credit Investor
07/21/2016 How Ralph Lauren’s Mass Closures Will Impact $1.44B In CMBS Loans Bisnow
07/20/2016 Ralph Lauren Stores Pose Risk To $1.4B In CMBS Commercial Observer
07/20/2016 Ralph Lauren Closures Tied To $1.44bn Of CMBS Loans Real Estate Capital
07/19/2016 Matured CMBS Loans Payoff Rate Increased In June Bisnow
07/19/2016 Multifamily Loans Boost CMBS Performance Mortgage Daily
07/17/2016 Loan On Jacksonville Retail Center May Go Bad The Real Deal
07/17/2016 Commercial Real Estate Loans Are Weak Realty Biz News
07/15/2016 CMBS Payoff Rate Expected To Drop
07/13/2016 $46Mln CMBS Loan Against Jacksonville, Fla., Retail Center Gets Risky As Anchor Moves Commercial Real Estate Direct
07/11/2016 How Total Debt Affects The Housing Market Realty Biz News
07/08/2016 NYC Multifamily, Office, Hotel and Retail At Mid-Year Bisnow
07/07/2016 Student, Auto Loan Delinquencies Rise Slow and Steady, Report Says deBanked
07/07/2016 CMBS Special Servicing Volume Increases for 5th Straight Month Commercial Real Estate Direct
07/07/2016 Mortgage Delinquency Mends While Student and Auto Loans Worsen DS News
07/06/2016 MCR: "State Of The US Consumer… Can You Lend Me Some More?" Informa
07/06/2016 Rising Lease Expirations Do Not Deter SFR Vacancy Rate DS News
07/01/2016 Clayton Develops 'Deal Agent' Role Asset-Backed Alert
07/01/2016 Is NYC's Retail Bubble About To Pop? The Real Deal
06/10/2016 $14B Of CMBS Faces Gap Exposure
06/10/2016 CMBS Delinquency Up As Office Lates Surge Mortgage Daily
06/10/2016 Mind The Gap-Falling Revenue At Retailer Creates Uncertainties For CMBS Loans Bisnow
06/10/2016 Gap Exposure Weighed Up Structured Credit Investor
06/09/2016 Wine or Vinegar: How Have 2016 and 2017 Maturing Loans Aged? CRE Finance World
06/09/2016 $82M Killeen Mall Faces Daunting Refinancing Hurdles Bisnow
06/08/2016 Killeen Mall In Texas Might Be Worth Only $67.1Mln Commercial Real Estate Direct
06/08/2016 Be Afraid: $56B In Maturing Retail Loans Could Face Refinancing Troubles Commercial Observer
06/08/2016 Anchors Away: How The Loss Of An Anchor Tenant Is Felt Down The Retail Chain Commercial Observer
06/07/2016 Special Servicing Volumes Continued Climbing In May Commercial Real Estate Direct
06/02/2016 Ballooning NYC Hotel Supply Could Up the Risk for $3.68B in CMBS Bisnow
06/01/2016 Morningstar 'Concerned' On Manhattan Hotel Supply Hotels Magazine
06/01/2016 Morningstar: Hotel Construction Boom Raises CMBS Risk
06/01/2016 Manhattan’s Hotel Oversupply Threatens $731M in CMBS Loans: Morningstar The Real Deal
06/01/2016 Retention Rates ‘Strong’ in SFR Securitizations DS News
05/27/2016 For-Profit College Exposure Gauged Structured Credit Investor
05/27/2016 Scrutiny on For-Profit Colleges Could Spike CMBS Default Risks Commercial Observer
05/26/2016 Morningstar Warns on CMBS Exposure to For-Profit Education Asset Securitization Report
05/24/2016 Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Poised to Rebound? The Business Journal
05/20/2016 Clayton Adds Reviewer Assignments Asset-Backed Alert
05/20/2016 Clayton Holdings Receives Rankings from Morningstar DS News
05/19/2016 CMBS Delinquency See Saws Lower Mortgage Daily
05/17/2016 SFR Expenses Weighed Structured Credit Investor
05/16/2016 Morningstar Highlights Pending Increase in Commercial Refinancing Realty Biz News
05/16/2016 Special Servicers Can Handle CMBS Maturity Wave Despite Cutbacks, Morningstar Says Scotsman Guide
05/13/2016 Stewart Valuation Services Receives Positive Ranking from Morningstar DS News
05/12/2016 Why Dallas' Commercial Real Estate Activity Shows No Sign Of Slowing Dallas Business Journal
05/12/2016 Excess Rent Impact Analysed Structured Credit Investor
05/12/2016 The New Way to Qualify for an SFR Investor Loan DS News
05/11/2016 Deal Agent Rankings Assigned Structured Credit Investor
05/11/2016 Clayton Holdings Becomes First Morningstar-rated ‘Deal Agent’ for Mortgage Bonds HousingWire
05/10/2016 Colony American Single-Family Lease ABS Takes Shape Asset Securitization Report
05/10/2016 No Escape from Bad Year as Box Makers Hit by Falling Prices Journal of Commerce
05/09/2016 More Mall Malaise: Lewisville’s Vista Ridge Mall Turned Over To Lender The Dallas Morning News
05/06/2016 New Report: Dallas Commercial Property Markets Are Shrugging Off Oil Industry Bust The Dallas Morning News
05/03/2016 Commercial Real Estate Loans Explained Realty Biz News
05/02/2016 SFR Securitizations Continue on ‘Stable’ Path DS News
04/28/2016 Hudson Loss Forecast Increases Structured Credit Investor
04/28/2016 Everything You Need To Know About The Bill That Could Help Save CMBS Bisnow
04/28/2016 Morningstar Pegs $17.4Mln Value on Hudson Valley Mall Commercial Real Estate Direct
04/28/2016 Sears Closings Pose Threat to CMBS, Retail Operators Commercial Observer
04/27/2016 Industry Research Expands Projected Retail CMBS Losses Real Estate Capital
04/26/2016 Analysts Tell Us Why Sears Could Impact CMBS Loans Bisnow
04/26/2016 The Little-Known CMBS Bill That Could Have A Major Impact on NYC Real Estate The Real Deal
04/26/2016 Sears Exposure Gauged Structured Credit Investor
04/21/2016 Offices, Hotels and Retail Drive Up CMBS Lates Mortgage Daily
04/20/2016 CMBS Delinquencies Stay Down in March Scotsman Guide
04/20/2016 Sport Chalet Exposure Gauged Structured Credit Investor
04/19/2016 Sporting Chalet Closures Put Several CMBS Loans at Risk Asset Securitization Report
04/18/2016 St. Louis’ Gateway One Could Be Worth Only $37Mln Commercial Real Estate Direct
04/18/2016 Bankruptcy Case Shutting Off Flow of Interest in Distressed MLP Deals Pensions & Investments
04/18/2016 Commercial Loan Maturities: So Far, So Good? CBRE’s Capital Watch
04/13/2016 ThunderRoad Throttles Up First-Ever ABS Asset Securitization Report
04/13/2016 The TRID Effect on Lender Securitizations DS News
04/13/2016 TRID Errors Present Little Risk To Investors, Morningstar Says Scotsman Guide
04/08/2016 Delay Ending for Multi-Borrower Rental Deals Asset-Backed Alert
04/07/2016 Volume of CMBS Loans in Special Servicing Climbs for Second Straight Month Commercial Real Estate Direct
04/06/2016 CMBS Delinquencies Decline, But Troubles May Be Looming Scotsman Guide
04/05/2016 SFR Securitizations Keep Delinquency Rates Low DS News
04/04/2016 RMBS Slowly Moving Back Into Portfolios Pensions & Investments
04/04/2016 New Mortgage Security Blends Residential and Commercial Pensions & Investments
04/04/2016 Nearly 7-Year Low for CMBS Delinquency Mortgage Daily
04/04/2016 Spy Museum’s Pending Relocation Stresses CMBS Loan Commercial Real Estate Direct
04/01/2016 Thunder Road Resumes Marketing Asset-Backed Alert
04/01/2016 US CMBS Spreads Tighten, but Significant Hurdles Remain Real Estate Capital
03/28/2016 Rent Increases Higher With Renewing Tenants, Morningstar Finds The Registry
03/25/2016 Morningstar Credit Ratings’ Vickie Tillman Talks Rating Agencies Commercial Observer
03/24/2016 RMBS Commentary: Non-Traditional RMBS Flourishes As Prime Jumbo Fades The Journal of Structured Finance
03/23/2016 Wider Spreads Create Speedbump for CMBS Defeasance National Real Estate Investor
03/18/2016 Silver Lining In Long-Term Box Leases TradeWinds
03/18/2016 Sports Authority Closures to Impact 25 CMBS Loans: Morningstar Commercial Observer
03/15/2016 CMBS Loans Go Ice Cold As Bond-Market Turbulence Heats Up Scotsman Guide
03/14/2016 Single-Family Rentals Pay Off for Bulk Investors National Real Estate Investor
03/14/2016 Super-Senior USD 20m Legacy CMBS Trades Tight of Talk Debtwire
03/11/2016 BNY Mellon Seen Exiting Phila. Office; Could Impact CMBS Loan Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/10/2016 The Lits Brand is Back as BNY Mellon Downsizes at Market St. Site Philadelphia Inquirer
03/10/2016 Container ABS to Weather Conditions Structured Credit Investor
03/10/2016 CMBS Special Servicing Volume Sees Rare Increase in Feb. Commercial Real Estate Direct
03/08/2016 More Post-Issuance CMBS Loan Rate Hikes Expected Debtwire
03/07/2016 Corporate Credit Markets Set For Extended… Period of Balance? See It Market
03/07/2016 Single-Borrower SFR Asset Class Remains Strong DS News
03/03/2016 Observations from ABS Vegas: The Long-Anticipated Deal Agent is Nearly Here... HousingWire - REwired
03/03/2016 Multifamily Drives Down CMBS Delinquency Mortgage Daily
03/01/2016 Rents Increasing Faster for Renewals on Single-Family Rental Properties theMReport
02/25/2016 Morningstar Projects 66.5 Percent Pay-Off Rate for 2016 CMBS Maturities Commercial Real Estate Direct
02/24/2016 Maturity Wave Pay-Offs Projected Structured Credit Investor
02/23/2016 Where Investors Can Get the Most and Least Return for SFR Properties theMReport
02/08/2016 Sports Authority Bankruptcy Threatens $3bn of CMBS Real Estate Capital
01/12/2016 Home Partners of America, Rent-To-Own Housing Operator, Plans Securitization SNL Financial
01/12/2016 Macy's Closures Could Ravage US Malls and Associated CMBS Real Estate Capital
01/07/2016 Here are the Fundamentals Driving SFR Growth DS News
01/06/2016 Private-label securities won't bounce back in 2016, Morningstar says Scotsman Guide
01/05/2016 North Dakota loans eyed Structured Credit Investor
01/03/2016 Oil Slump Hits $125-mn Property Debt in North Dakota Venture Capital Post
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