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CMBS Credit Risk Monitoring and Analytics

Morningstar strives to provide the marketplace with independent, transparent, through-the-credit-cycle analysis of CMBS. To achieve this objective, Morningstar employs the combination of an extensive proprietary database that tracks, collects, and aggregates CMBS loan performance data for our dedicated team of real estate analysts to analyze. This team uses an extensive and proprietary analytical and a quantitative CMBS subordination model and has access to a wide array of third-party commercial real estate market data to complete the process of real estate credit evaluation.

Morningstar’s monitoring services are designed for portfolio managers, analysts, and traders in CMBS or the commercial real estate marketplace. Our services include a web-based monitoring tool that provides access to Morningstar’s proprietary credit analysis on thousands of CMBS loans, properties, and securities, along with state-of-the-art features for tracking portfolio, bond, and collateral level performance.

CMBS Data Services

Morningstar clients have access to Morningstar’s proprietary CMBS data via several different services.

CMBS Data Sets

Many of Morningstar’s clients maintain their own quantitative CMBS models and are looking for delivery options for integration with their internal systems and models. Morningstar offers several options to receive historical CMBS data including data export, Application Programming Interface (API), and Microsoft® Excel® Add-In. Clients can access more than 200 data points via the CMBS collateral data sets, including:

  • Morningstar Data - a proprietary data set including Morningstar ratings and analyst-derived valuations, probability of default, and expected loss data at a deal, loan, and property level.
  • CMBS Collateral Data - a data set including CMBS loan data received from servicers and third-party data providers, which is available at the loan, property, and tranche levels.
  • CMBS Documents

    Morningstar data feed clients have delivery options to receive various types of Morningstar deal analysis documents, as well as third-party industry reports.

    CMBS Lead Generator

    CMBS Lead Generator is a web-based lead sourcing tool that provides commercial real estate professionals with access to a robust source of CMBS refinance leads, property/transfer sales, tenancy, and workout opportunities by combining Morningstar CMBS loan and property data with proprietary collateral analysis, detailed financial data, and estimates of property value and refinance proceeds.

    CMBS MarketView Explorer

    CMBS MarketView Explorer provides commercial real estate investors, lenders, brokers, and developers with a powerful interactive database search tool with nationwide coverage for all major property types, such as office, multifamily, retail, industrial, lodging, self-storage, and health care. Users have access to detailed operating, revenue, and expense data.

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